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  • The Dilemma Of Human Rights
    "A particular and debatable version of 20th-Century liberalism is suddenly presented to us as a universal 'human right.' Since, at this late date, it might be difficult to repudiate this absurd principle out right, we ought to ignore it as much as possible."

  • Human Rights Seminar
    Well, time for lunch. The Student Union's pizza cafe was open, so I had a double-garlic, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese (mozzarella) and cheese (fetta) pizza, washed down with a small bottle of Beez Neez honey beer. Damn, we activists do it tough.

  • Value of Human Rights
    Morality in international relations, which is lacking in today’s world politics, is of paramount importance. Fates of nations, wars and peace depend on it. Only moral politics can bring peace and public good. General Ludwig Beck, one of Hitler's top officials in fascist Germany, who later headed the conspiracy against Hitler, warned in 1938 that Hitler’s adventurous plans for subjugating ‘inferior�nations would lead to national disaster.

  • Democracy and Universal Human Rights
    Contrast this message with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad in the matter of spreading Islamic faith to the rejecters of truth (infidels) after truth has become evident to them:

  • Racism
    The difference lies also in the legitimacy of discrimination in two societies. In India the castes are legalized social stratification and historically got the religious approvement and even more �they were created by Brahman �superior spirit and the highest power of the Universe.

  • Human Rights Code
    Each Provincial page on the website contains information on housing, vehicle and driver licensing, education, healthcare, welfare and loads of other great information to assist you in your settlement.

  • Naive And Gullible
    The problem is, everyday, I hear or read statements by Americans that are naive, foolish and moronic. Statements like, Russia is our ally, terrorists will not attack us again, it's our fault that the terrorists attacked us, there was no holocaust, our government probably blew up the World Trade Center, North Korea and Iran do not pose any threat to America

  • Ethical are Sanctions
    The estimate that one third of the 115 cases they examined were effective, is widely disputed. An observation that in all cases stated as a success, it was also because of other factors, such as military intervention, and that instead only less than 5% of the 115 cases cited brought about political compliance.

  • Laws Denying Human Rights
    A drug that created worthless pensions, And transmuted golden surplus into debt and tax, Creating one trillion borrowed souls, Due to lending restraints being relaxed

  • Inspiration in the Workplace
    Leadership is essential. If a feminist fights against leadership in business because of human rights, then this might be healthy. If they fight because they hate authority figures, then there will never be inspiration in this business and people will burn out.

  • Democracy in Ethiopia
    Citing the lack of democracy as their main concern, more and more Ethiopians who worked with the Prime Minister Meles�Government are fleeing. In the last few months alone, over sixty diplomats left the Government and defected in Europe and the United States.

  • Global Issues
    This would teach help children see that their group effort could help address the global issues of poverty and inequity in our world. All of these ideas would be ideal to be used in a school environment for children because firstly, the activities are fun and the children will enjoy what they are doing and feel involved, and secondly.